circa 1961 - 1975



Original Members of the Reseda High Radio Club
Sponsored by Mr. Don Brockway - W6PL



Front Entrance to Reseda High School

K6QNP, a Class B Radio License, was assigned by the FCC to the Reseda High School Radio Club in 1961. The community of Reseda is located in the center of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California.

The Station was in the 'Electric Shop' within the Industrial Arts Building and included a Viking Ranger, a Hammerlund HQ-170, and a rooftop beam with rotor.


Mr. Don Broockway

The 'Electric Shop' teacher, and Ham Radio Club sponsor, was Mr. Don Brockway, W6PL and I consider myself fortunate to have been in his 'Electric Shop' classes and in the Radio Club from 1961 to 1962 when I graduated.

Under Mr. Brockway's masterful tutelage, we were manufacturing our own printed circuit boards from scratch, using nail polish to create the traces, then etching the boards, removing the polish, and drilling the throughholes.

We built circuits with the early transistors like the Raytheon CK722 and diodes like the 1N34A. We also photoprinted our own custom faceplates for the meters we used with our projects.

Mr. Brockway was an early participant in Amateur Radio obtaining his license, W6PL around 1926, with authorized transmitter power of 50 watts.

Mr. Brockway retired in 1971 after 41 years of teaching.

For me, it was a learning experience that's lasted a lifetime, thanks to Mr. Brockway who was one of the early pioneers in Amateur Radio.

Stephen J. Taylor - K6SJT
Amateur Extra Class



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